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CSU Monterey Bay Course Info: 


Teaching LGBT History in Schools - Graduate Credit - Closed May 29.  

  • Instructor: Dr. Rob Darrow


Other Course Options (open until June 4):


-- Course Content here -- 


Learning Online for the first time? No problem. Built into the class will be plenty of support and guidance for learning online. Dr. Darrow has guided many people - from high school students to doctoral professors - about how to learn online. 


Instruction: Online Course (Students should be able to devote a number of hours per week to this course. Weekly discussion boards and evening online meetings will be required in addition to the readings. Assignments may be completed by July 23). 


This course will provide content and pedagogy for teaching LGBT history. It is designed specifically for educators who teach history in grades 7-12, but may also be useful for others engaged in youth education, such as GSA advisors, diversity centers, non-profits, or anyone interested in learning more about LGBT history.


Since the course is offered online, most anyone is eligible to register for this course. 


-- Course Content here -- 


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